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Monday, December 30, 2013

NYX Cosmetics

I was first introduced to NYX via watching a makeup tutorial on Youtube and just got really interested in it when I stumbled upon Jen’s blog “frmheadtotoe”. She’s using a lot of NYX make ups in her tutorials and decided I needed to get a hold of this NYX items. Problem then was I didn't know there were a few re-sellers of the brand here in the Philippines; just found out after some time. Moving forward, since my dearest sister now lives in the US, I had her order and ship them here for me. She said it's much more cheaper in the US compared here. 

Here are some of my thoughts and pictures of NYX Cosmetics.

Round Lipsticks/Packaging
image picked from google images

Round Lipstick in Femme

This is the most affordable line of lipstick they have. It's around P180 per piece. Texture is smooth and silky. Just make sure that you don’t have chapped lips before applying because it tends to highlight the chap and cracks of the lips, making it more visible. They also have a wide range of shades to choose from. Lasting power is quite long; it stays for 4-6 hours.

Black Label Lipstick/Packaging
image picked from google images

Black Label in Orchid

It’s like their luxury line of lipstick; costs about P280-320 per piece. They’re available in more glamorous hues. Texture is smooth, rich, and creamy- it glides easily to your lips. Highly pigmented and lasts longer than the round lipstick.

Soft Matte Lip Cream
image picked from google images

no filter: indoor and outdoor lightning
If you’re a matte finish lover, then you have to try this one. It’s like the creamier form of a melted lipstick. It sets a matte finish and has this formula that can prevent your lips from drying. Price ranging from P275 – P340 and lasting power is almost the same as their Black Label lipsticks.

NYX Powder Blusher
image picked from google mages

A color rich compact powder blush on with some shimmer. It stays long even with oily skin. That meant I didn't have to re-apply every now and then. Their blushers are also highly pigmented, you just need so little to achieve that natural glow. Price ranging from P270-300.

Above are just some of the many products they offer and I’m planning to try on the others too. :)

NYX products are locally available in some IG resellers and I believe a store in Trinoma.

Love Always,
Wandering Venus

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Amazing Hayan Face Silky Powder

Hayan Face Silk Powder #100

I’m Maycon and I have an oily/combination skin. If you’re a follower, you probably know that for sure. I have mentioned that several times in our previous entries that tackled beauty products. And so my journey finding, using, and experimenting HG products to minimize my facial pores’ oil production is still on going.

How it looks from the outside

I’ve been abusing the World Wide Web, searching for the best powder that’ll suit my skin type. I’ve encountered high end, mineral, organic and drug store face powders, but nothing seems to tame my oil glands. Hahaha. Such a waste of money that’s why I stick to using Johnson’s baby powder as my daily face powder, more specifically, the pink one (Blossom). This is my trusted powder ever since the day I realized that I should take time fixing myself to be presentable. As I've mentioned earlier, I've tried using different face powders for oily/combi skin but I always find myself going back to Johnson’s baby powder. Why? Because it’s inexpensive and it doesn't clog my pores, though I still oil up big time, I just have to blot and re-apply. Moving forward, I spotted this product while browsing the The BeautyJunkee's blog. Miss Martha gave her review of this and since one of Hayan’s branches is just 15 minutes away from where I reside, I decided to buy and try it.

How it looks once opened

The product is in a powder form. You can use the sponge that comes with it or you can use your own face brush. It’s silky and smooth upon application; it has a light floral scent and #100 (color) suits my skin tone well.

It gave me 2-3 pimples during my first week of usage, but they’re all gone now. I think my skin has fully recovered and adapted with the product. It’s already working really well for me. By the way, this amazing powder cost me P280.00. Not bad!

I first wore it last last November 17, during Avery's birthday party. Here are the shots taken after its 1st, 2nd until its 4th hour on my face. No filter used for every pic, though lightning has changed since pics were taken at different hours of the day, and the afternoon sun is beaming right through the glass wall of Jollibee :)

1st hour

after 2 hours :D

After 4 hours :)

It has a matte finish and brings out a dewy effect after 4-5 hours. My pores still produce oil but not as much as before -the oily and haggard. LOL

You can try it too, it comes in 3 more tones: Light, Natural, and Dark. I bought mine at Starmall, EDSA. It's always better to experience it firsthand, so go find the nearest Hayan near you. Other branches are listed below:

Starmall EDSA
SM Sta Mesa
SM Southmall
SM Sta.Rosa
SM San Lazaro
SM San Pablo
SM Rosario
Victory Mall Caloocan
Maunlad 2 Mall Bulacan
Angeles Nepo Mall
SM Masinag
Victory Mall Antipolo
Starmall Alabang
Angeles Jumdo Jenral Mall

Love Always,
Wandering Venus

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Craft your own Pizza @ Project Pie

515 Shaw, 1555 Laurel Street corner Shaw Blvd, Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(beside Starbucks, and in front of old Cherry Foodarama location)

December 20, 2013 - 5 days before Christmas, Jaymie and I decided to lunch out at Project Pie in 515 Shaw. It’s been months since we planned to eat here but because of our busy schedules (lol), it’s just now that we got the time to go and experience the rave.

We reside in Mandaluyong so that means we're just a few kembots away from the restaurant - a 5 minute tricycle ride and another 5 minute jeepney ride. This I believe is the 1st branch of Project Pie here in the Philippines and they’re branching out in Blue Wave, Pasay. 

What is Project Pie? It’s a pizza parlor where you can custom built your own pizza. You have a choice to order your pizza by number (pizzas in the menu) or you can build your own, both for P285.00. Jaymie chose to order by number and I built my own. :)

    You can read the menu          The line starts from that         uhm quite the view of                        from here.                           wall right there!                 the counter from afar.                              

The following pictures will show the step by step making of your own pizza.

This is the machine used to flatten and cut the dough.

A staff will assist you in layering the dough with the ingredients of your choice.

Cheese Section

From The Meat Section

Veggies and Spices Section

There's the whole thing: Meat, Cheese and Veggies Section
(Points for Improvement: It would be better if you they can label each ingredient to avoid unnecessary what’s this and that questions from the customers. This would also better the traffic of the operation/customer wait). 

The Oven

Once the pizza's ready for the oven, you go straight to the cashier to pay. The staff will ask you to wait for 10-15 minutes for your pizza; they will call you once finished. Just present your receipt upon claiming the pizza.

And here’s our pizza!

Pizza # 2 (from the Menu): Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Crumbled Meatballs,
Mozzarella, Their Signature Red Sauce, Garlic. I added some ham and Bell Pepper

Crafted Pizza by Maycon: Red Sauce, Feta Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese,
Parmesan Cheese, Italian Sausage, Crumbled Meatballs,
Tomato, Bell Pepper, Basil, Mushrooms, Pepperoni

Holy YUMmmmm!

Crust is great, not too thin nor too thick; a bit chewy and crunchy. Ingredients tasted fresh and authentic (we paid for good value!) Even the pizza by number that Jaymie ordered was good - one from their best sellers.

Though they have staff to clean up your table, you have the option to
throw your trash here. It's just beside the entrance door.

Packaging for to go or if you want to take home your left over. :)

Generally, we enjoyed our short time lunch out here in Project Pie. The place has a nice ambiance. Contributed to that is their great staffing; friendly, helpful, cheerful, and accommodating. They filled the place with good vibes. We also loved the design of their wall, which was covered with famous and striking lines quoted by different people from different places, some of them you've heard/read about. It served as an entertainment while waiting for your pizza. 

We will definitely go back here for another good pizza and to share the happy experience with friends and loved ones.

Love Always,
Wandering Venus 

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Last Beach Hurrah for 2013: Cagbalete, Quezon!

Here I am trying to gather my thoughts to make something worth reading or trying to not struggle between making this post as precise as possible and making sure I wouldn't miss the highlights.

Majority of my friends going to Cagbalete went off Saturday mid morning, around 1:30 am while I was in the office waiting impatiently for 9am. It's black Friday in the US and being in the consumer department means no holiday. The Americans are on panic buying electronics and gadgets (with huge discounts) at this time of the year, not to mention that we're all anticipating Christmas.

SLR selfie sa bus para di bad vibes! Grr.

The last boat off to Cagbalete Islands from Pantalan Port leaves at 4:00 pm or earlier than that, depending if the passenger boat gets full before 4 in the afternoon. Excess or late passengers do not have a choice but to rent their own boat, which will cost more compared to the usual boat fare. Unfortunately, me and Em, though we were very diligent to our itinerary and were very mindful of the time, failed to catch the last trip. I wanted to curse traffic but I'm quite afraid of bad karma (the paranoid). Keeping things positive while in a bus is so much effort, for me at least. The agony is such a killer! We actually had to resort to the rays of the sun as sign of good fate - the thing is the weather then wasn't so sunny and there were parts where the sky cried a bit. Anyhow, we aimed to keep things light with a positive mind. I think me and Em were both at the same page only he already has plans in his mind if ever the boat had left us while I wander. 

 JARARAN! The dreaded fear has come. The boat just left. Since there were two others who didn't make it too, we were offered a small boat that'll bring us to our destination only that it is 2,000php/1 way. We had no choice we had to get in the boat quickly since Luna's fast approaching and the sea was in rage. The four of us managed to squeeze ourselves in a very small square-like-space. 

Since the boatmen had to entirely cover the front part of the boat so that we all have protection from the sea water that's gonna slap us hard in a few, Em and Mr. Other Passenger guy, who were sitting with their backs against the cover-up we used, had to hunch their backs the whole 1 and a half hour ride. 

That was quite a ride! Shocking how the feet-high waves showcased itself like she's competing for the olympics. It was indeed dangerous, but I have to say I really had fun (giggles)! I am very lucky to have found myself still alive after that. I want to thank our 2 boatmen. I did trust them my life. They are apparently efficient. Touchdown Villa Cleofas (resort we stayed in), Em and I bid goodbye to the boatmen and wished them safety. (Also found out our bags were wet from the rain/sea water).


The whole pack's sound asleep. I know they didn't swim earlier. Why were they tired? Hahaha. So yeah, we had our late dinner courtesy of Maycon, Ram and Em. They also had their drinking session after though some of us can't get enough from the bed and chose to sleep. 

Early in the morning (Sunday), while most of them are asleep, I managed to change to my swimwear though it was actually very cold and raining. I swam a bit.. uhm... scratch that! The water level's just a few inches below my knees. 

At around 9:30am, the rain stopped and a huge amount of sand just presented itself before our eyes. This, I think, is the reason why people visit. It's an endless sand bar! And so we played like kids.

The gloomy weather

Sand Overload

If you're looking for a place not too far, not expensive but can calm you in a beach galore kind of way, then you can come here. Just make sure there's no typhoon coming in. Also make certain you are early to catch the passenger boat; make allowances. 

Something I and Em didn't have to go through. Ha! Thing is from Cagbalete Port, backpackers still have to take a 15 minute walk to their desired resort, which is in this case is Villa Cleofas. The day was rainy. So yeah, that's what you get.

Agatha, the only toddler that was with us. :) Such a cutie.

This seems like a Teleserye to me. #BromanceInWreck
*feel free to make your own caption*

On our way home. We chose not to take the road they took coming here. We walked the shore to Cagbalete Port. That's around 15 minutes long too.

Boat Transfer of the Passengers

Martha - Finally she came with us!

Yeah, still had so much fun despite the rain. No bad vibes. Huh? hahahah!
Nothing beats good travel buddies! :)

More Love,
Wandering Venus

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Moringa-O2: Malunggay Power!

Last week, I received my free samples of Moringa-O2 Lotion and Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil from Sample Room.

The next day, I tried both products (Atat lang!)

Moringa O2 Lotion:
(picture taken from Sample Room)
Size: 125ml
Price: P129.75

Smells great! It has a calming scent that stays on for quite awhile. If you're a fan of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea or Bath and Body in White Tea and Ginger, you'll definitely love this! Texture is not sticky and heavy. It absorbs quickly and feels refreshing after application. I'm not sure if it has cooling effect, but that's how I'm going to describe it. Haha. Moisturizing power scores at 8/10 (10 being the highest). My skin tends to get dry (especially the leg part) with lotions that doesn't lock in moisture effectively. Generally, the lotion is a great deal!

Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil:
(picture taken from Sample Room)
Size: 30ml
Price: P99.75

This is an almost all in one oil for skin and hair care. You'll see the benefits and uses of the oil in the packaging box. I haven't used it on my face yet but already tried it on my hair. Scent is similar to the lotion but a little lighter, I'm betting it's a good massage oil because of the skin benefits it offers and that light aromatic scent. As for being a hair serum, I noticed that it gave shine to my hair. I'm not sure yet if it can repair damaged hair since I've just started last week. I'm quite skeptical about using it on my face because I have an oily face, (oil on oil? LOL) but I'll take the risk coz' I read that Argan oil is good for people with oily/combi skin. Who knows this might turn out as an affordable alternative for Argan oil :)

There went my thoughts re: using Moringa products. I still have to try their toner and soap to complete the list. These are widely available in the market.

Love Always!
Wandering Venus

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