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Monday, August 26, 2013

Itinerary and Budget Breakdown: Mt. Daguldol Climb

For everybody's reference, here's our itinerary of the climb. We also have a breakdown of the expenses at the very bottom. :)

TNK at Mt. Daguldul

Day 1 August 17, Saturday
1200 Assembly at Bus Station, Buendia
1315 ETD from Buendia Bus Station to Lipa
1530 ETA Lipa/ETD Jeep Terminal to San Juan
1545 ETD To San Juan
1645 ETA San Juan
1700 ETD to Brgy. Hugom
1730 ETA Brgy. Hugom/Registration

1800 Proceed to Jump off/Start Trek
2230 Campsite
        Lights Off

Day 2 August 18, Sunday
0600 Wake Up/Quick Breakfast/Tambay/ Photo Ops
0830 Break Camp

0900 Start Descend
0930 Mang Lizardo's Place
1030 Gerry's Place
1300 Jump Off
        Pack Up
1830 ETD To Manila
2000 ETA Manila

Bus from EDSA shaw to Buendia Station
Bus from Buendia to Lipa
Jeep from Tambo, Lipa to Jeep Terminal heading to San Juan
Jeep from Lipa to San Juan
Jeep from San Juan to Brgy. Hugom
Lunch at the beach
Jeep fare to manila, possible parking fee, Guide Fee
Registration Fee
Dinner and Breakfast contribution
Total per pax:  838php per pax

So there! You can compare the above information with other bloggers' or friends' itineraries and budget breakdown. Everything concerning budget and schedule can be customized depending on your availability and best interests.

More ♥,
Wandering Venus

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Mt. Daguldul Climb

En route back to Manila from last night's climb to Mt. Daguldol, it rained cats and dogs along SLEX. It came to us by surprise because we mostly had a good climb considering the weather. Good thing we decided to leave Laiya, Batangas earlier than planned. At some point too, about a week or two before the climb, I was skeptical to join the pack since we've been continually experiencing inclement weather conditions. I didn't want the hassle its going to cause looking back from my previous climbs, which were a majority of blessed-with-rain ascents. 

Talking about the trail
Mt. Daguldul's trail at the time was actually friendly. No over the top rocky trails and 'where was the trail?' scenarios. Thank you to our guide! Ascent was in moderation though the trail was mostly rising that's why I was feeling tired already even before we reached the first stop to rest. Or maybe it's due to the lack of sleep because I had to attend our blocking rehearsal the day before then went straight to work. To be honest, I had a hard time keeping up with the team. They were so advanced I had to thank Diana in my mind every now and then as she took the sweeper role and join me in my tormented state. I was feeling dizzy then, my blood ( i felt) went all up to my head and my sight blurred in the darkness of the night. Diana, at one point, said to me "Namumutla ka na" when we took five while her headlamp's directed to me. I was worried for myself but I tried to shrug it off thinking of the people I might pester. Also, there's nothing like the socials at the summit. And so I get by. Thank you Heavens! ♥

The Summit
Unlike the usual summit I've seen with a 360 degree view or with majestic overlooking of the ocean or a big green space before you, this one fell short of those. On a positive note, the ground is flat: no moist with no mud too (it's different when raining for sure). It felt like you were in a wide garden. I think these factors provided everyone with a better sleep - meaning you didn't have to suffer the crooked position it's going to put you through while snoring the night.

The Descent
As usual, this is easier. I had buko juice at one of the stops along the trail. Eventually, I was part of group that reached the jump off first. Yey!

Post Climb
We were supposed to enjoy post climb at the beach but I opted to just dip my feet at the shore for a few minutes to somehow electrify a tired body. I am on red alert too, so there! Instead, I found comfort watching them soak in the playful waves of the ocean as the others wooped their excitement with card games.

Wave Sound ***GUSSSSSHHHHHH!!*** 

San Juan, Batangas
Major jump-off: Brgy. Hugom, San Juan
LLA: 13°40.380N 121°19.160E, 672 MASL (+ 672 m)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 5 hours

Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3
Reference: Pinoy Mountaineer

More ♥,
Wandering Venus

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ELF Lip Exfoliator: Yummy Goodness

I've been browsing the net for a good lip conditioner when I stumble upon this blog site containing a review of this product. I can't exactly remember whose blog it was. I just jot down the name of the product, which is ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator. I typed in the name and clicked on the search button and boom, a lot of reviews came out and almost all hailed positive comments. I know ELF products are available in big Watson’s stores here in the Philippines, so I visited one in Megamall to see if they have it. Unfortunately, they don’t. I guess the lip exfoliator has not arrived the Philippines yet. So I checked this site: nyxwholesale.ph (because I remember I saw from their page that they're selling ELF make ups) and found it there. I just had to wait for 3 weeks because it’s pre-ordered and had to be shipped from the US.

Ingredients: Sugar, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Ceresin, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Tocopherol, Aspartame, Fragrance.

-Use the product after shower or apply to damp lips; as this will help in easily removing that dry skin layer.
-Apply in circular motion. Don’t rub your lips too hard. By this time, you will notice some skin peeling off your lips.
-Wipe your lips with a moistened tissue or cotton to remove the scrubs. (I lick my lips after. Lips like sugar, literally. LOL :D)
-Use lip balm right after to protect the new layer of your lips from drying and looking chapped again.

I used this twice already and I’m contented with the results. I use MOX Botanicals in coconut and almond lip conditioner after exfoliating. My lips look better now when wearing lipsticks or just plain lip balms. No more dry and chapped lips! 

Available at nyxwholesale.ph.
P170.00 each

More ♥,
Wandering Venus

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My Melodic kind of Sundate

Sunday, 9:33 AM, 

Phone ringing to the tune of “I love you always forever” by Donna Lewis, one of my favorite feel good songs. 

♫ Feels like I’m standing in a timeless dream♪ 

Name read in my screen is Melodica Sicat. She called to ask if I have something to do that Sunday afternoon (bored ka teh? Hehe), so I ranted about my to do list for the remaining hours of that day and agreed to meet her for a simple chit chat/ kain. After the call, I went through all the errands that needed attending:

-          Long shower: hair treatment- body scrub-sing my heart out- moisturize. I do this every weekend as a simple form of pampering myself. I don’t have a lot of time for long showers during weekdays.

-          Bought Ate Thet and Gem food @ McDonald’s and delivered it to the nearby salon (Charm Salon). They had their hair rebonded and treated. We call this “Ang pagdadalaga ni Gemimay”.

-          Had my tresses trimmed; side bangs galore.

-          Went to Elorde Gym to meet Melody.

-          Checked out Galileo Enoteca just beside the Gym; found out that they are closed during Sundays.

So we wander along Libertad Street and decided to head and try out Dexter’s pizza, located near California Garden Square, in front of Robinson’s supermarket. It’s a small pizza parlor that can accommodate 15-20 people; a good place for a quick pizza hang out with your barkada. Their menu consists of various pizza flavors ranging from 125-265, sizes (e.g., Small, Medium, and Large). Small-solo, Medium-2-4 pax, and Large- 4-6 pax; though sizes Small and Medium are not available for all the pizza that you can find in their menu.

We ordered the medium Shawarma pizza; it’s their best seller according to the lady assisting us.

For a 125 bucks pizza, it’s really good. No umay factor for me. Best when still hot and fresh from the oven as usual because the crust tends to become a little hard while cooling.

After almost an hour and a half of sharing stories and taking pictures, we left Dexter’s and went to CGS poolside to sit around and just chill and yeah to take some more pictures!!! LOL

Understatement: "No umay from the pizza but more umay to our faces! :D This entry should be entitled: Melody Melody and more of Melody hehehe"

BTW, I’m planning to go back to Dexter’s to try their Dexter’s Supreme; I heard it’s also great. :D

More ♥, 
Wandering Venus

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunday Throwback @ BELLINI'S: nostalgic about One More Chance


Marikina Shoe Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave.
Cubao, Quezon City
(02) 913-2550

Bellini's Facade ♥

Who hasn’t gone gaga about the Philippine hit movie “One More Chance?" The epic love story of Basha and Popoy, not to mention Trisha's participation. The marvelous hit lines that floored everyone as they went "aaaaahhhhh", feeling empathetic to the actors' brilliant portrayals of the characters. The famous lines just got stuck in our hearts like we lived it. The popular barkada, the drama and that place… the place where they gather every Thursday for dinner. It’s the kind of place we'd probably love to gather too for our own tropa bonding not only during Thursdays, but for whatever day you feel like bumming around with your friends. And yes, we’re late bloomers! It’s just this year that we learned it truly exist as an authentic Italian restaurant in the middle of the metro. The alluring place is called Bellini’s; owned by Italian Roberto Bellini. It serves authentic Italian food- a wide variation of Pizza, Pasta, some Pork, Chicken, Beef dishes, Wines and Desserts.

We tried 3 different pasta, 1 pizza, and a pork dish. Pasta serving is good for sharing and the large pizza is good for 4-6 pax.

Buon Appetito!

Focaccia Bread (100php):
Simple focaccia bread served with their balsamic vinegar with herbs and olive oil.
The bread is a little bit salty for my taste buds but still a tolerable kind or saltiness.

Tartufo Funghi con Prosciutto
(Originally at 360php but Maycon added
fresh fetuccini for 40php. Total: 400php):
Fresh fettuccine pasta in sour cream sauce with smoked ham and mushroom.
The sourness of the sauce was well complemented by the saltiness
of the smoked ham. Great pasta for me!

Pesto Mare (290php):
Spaghetti pasta in pesto sauce with mixed seafood such as clams and oysters.
One thing I like about this dish is that the pesto is not too strong unlike other pesto pasta.

Pasta Al Scampi (300php):
Spaghetti pasta with red base sauce and shrimps. The red sauce 
is very tomato-ish, one you expect when dining in an Italian restaurant.
It's not too sour for our taste. It goes well with the taste of the fresh shrimps.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza (560php at Large):
We love the simplicity of this four cheese thin crust pizza. Heaven. :)

Milanese Pork (300php):
It's a fried pork dipped in egg and bread crumbs served with a slice of lime and veggies on the side (carrots and potatoes). The meat is tender which is good,the taste is just right.
Just a bit pricey since rice is not yet included!

Sweet Wine (free) ♥:
A good toast to end a hearty meal. 
The sweetness of the grape juice knocked out the alcohol in it.
You’ll get addicted to this wine! LOL

Setting the foods aside, we got the chance to meet the warm and welcoming owner, Roberto Bellini! He was very hands on, even making sure he gets to the table of his guests and throw a few conversation as courtesy, or just to practically make sure each is enjoying the whole experience. Nice customer service! BTW, he knows how to speak tagalog na like "Dami Babae." He said this when he accommodatingly put his arms around Mie and Sari as one of his employees held the camera to take our picture with him. That was funny! :)

As we stood to loiter, actually intending to take more pictures of the place and our individual selves to feel that One More Chance moment, Roberto offered the famous long table the OMC Barkada used to sit in during Thursday dinners. Oh my, the fangirling college that we were! A fanboy for Ram, of course! HAHA.

The chairs the actors used were tagged with their name plates

     Bread Sticks with the Wine                                            The Bell: you may ring it if you
                                                                                   need anything

And a final picture @ the entrance of Bellini’s.

More ♥,
Wandering Venus

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