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Monday, February 2, 2015

Itinerary when backpacking South East Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand)

Bangkok, Thailand
Photo by Kim

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Wandering Venus

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Fortune Island Itinerary

Photo credit: Ugi


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Wandering Venus 

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Fortune Island is ❤

I don't know why but we initially had so much in mind before we decided upon which place we're going. Our options just circled around several beaches and mountains we've yet to climb. All the fuss was worth it. We ended up picking Fortune Island, a 27 hectare resort island long owned by the former governor of Batangas, Jose Antonio Leviste. The island lies within the boundaries of Batangas, about 14km off the coast of Nasugbu town.  

The boat ride from the port to the island is about an hour and a half. They said it's best to visit the place between the months of February & May because sea waves are calmer compared to the remaining months not mentioned.

Our quiet Bangkero

The island is designed for beach camping so do not expect comfortable accommodations aside from the tents you brought with you. For those not bringing tents, there's still a place to stay; the ruined lobby of the supposed hotel. Not bad at all. At least you're not obliged to pitch tents. But, if I may say, there's nothing like the experience of the real beach camp. Legit beach bummers, yeah! 

Lutu-lutuan by the beach
Water source and wash rooms are absent so make sure your toiletry kit's well packed. Aside from bringing your personal drinking water, make certain that your group has enough water for washing utensils, cooking food, drinking sesh etc.

Shot shot shot shot

When you're happy and you know it


Dead Kim

There are also cottages at the back but we didn't check nor bothered asking if they're for rent. You can probably ask your bangkero or your contact person. In our case, it's Kuya Chris.


What made us decide to spend our precious weekend here? Obviously, the Grecian pillars and the replica of the boat that sunk off this island are of really great factors.

Good morning 

Replica of the San Diego Warship

Babes before the Warship's replica

On their way to the infamous Grecian columns

♪♩ Take my breath away (like Emma Bunton's singing)

                                  Efren in character - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ^

Milky Way

♬ ♪ ♩ You are my sweetest downfall... ♭ ♫ ♪ 
Ram Con

 Mie and Con 

Sea of Stars

Did I just forget to mention that the night sky was ugh-may-zing too? Well, well, well..

And they were able to do light paintings too (c/o Ram) while me and Maycon are in dreamland. We woke up jealous! 

Elphaba and Uhmmm.. Mask Rider Black?!

Butterfly lovin'

The said remains of the girl who killed herself here was also an awesome thriller, plus there are a fewer people visiting the place compared to other beaches. With Summer still at its heyday, it's possible to encounter a LaBoracay kind of crowd in terms of quantity. 

The remains: This should be creepy at night 

One of the many things that made me giddy about this getaway is the thought of cliff diving. With all my heart I really do wanna cliff dive, but I am, with all my heart, too afraid to jump too. 

Louise                            Brave!                              Efren

I remember 2 years back, I went to Hundred Islands with friends and jumped my ass off twice the waters of Marcos Island. I revisited the place a year after and failed to jump. I was grandly nervous. Same thing happened to me in Fortune Island. Mustering all the courage that I need didn't do much to make me jump from a certain height. Not bad? Probably. I guess heartache can really make you "do things." HA! I won't give up on this. HAHA!

How was it Kashogs?

Break Camp at around 8 in the morning because the sun's too hot to bear. We found a place to squat until about 12:30 pm, laid our bags and ground sheets under a tree - just enough to cover us from the beaming sun. Breakfast was followed by a hilarious game, Sharade with that stocking on. Imagine the humidity and sweat. LOL.

1, 2, ready, ACTION!

This was fun, really. Right after the game, we spent the last few hours snorkeling, swimming, cliff dive (if I could call it that), photo ops and whatever. FUN, short weekend it is!

Kimmy and what is that look, Con?

Monicnic :)

Talk about it somewhere only we know?

To Cliff Diving site


AJ snapshot

What is this actually? haha

Monic and Louise


Photo Credit: Ram, Kashogi and Kim

Side Trip: Kainan Sa Dalampasigan - review will be on the next entry. :)

Love Always,
Wandering Venus

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Long over due post: What happened in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan?

It's been almost 3 months since we landed the beautiful place of Puerto Prinsesa but it's just now that we're posting; long overdue. The memories we brought to Manila have somehow diminished so we're making this as brief as possible. We'll try to flood you with images instead. ha! LOL.

To summarize the whole thing, you might want to watch the short video Efren made. :)

Photos by Kashogi, Ram & Kim

Honda Bay Adventure

Registration & Rates


Lulubog, Lilitaw (LuLi) Island
Busy eh?


Baywalk after the long day. Sea foods, ohmnomnom, bike ride, dirty ice cream & conversations. Priceless!

Underground River

On our way to Underground River Port

Stop Over

Port. My slippers swam here and one of the locals rescued it for me.
I could not believe how amazed he was upon knowing he was holding in his hand a pair of original #BeachWalk flip flops. Were there Class A's for these too? Priceless again! 

Tamilok Challenge

While waiting for our turn. Ice cream, DoggieDoo, Fruit Shake w/ a twist,
Banana Cues & Fedoras

Registration Office and Personal Appearance


Actual Wild Life

Our Boat Man who has his way of saying Bat Shit (Batshet) and it was hilarious. LOL

Games as we sail. Look at those eyes. You can't beat us, boys!

Fish at the Port

Hats for Sale


Home Bound

And some-some

Camera Boys
If not for them + Kim, the memories in Palawan will not be as vivid as the photographs - Only in our memories.

- FIN -

Love Always,
Wandering Venus

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