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Friday, October 18, 2013

Mhad’s Birthday and TAT’s Anniversary Celebration @ Big30 Pizza & Pasta

A month long of conversation and planning through our FB page and group text lead us to a lunch out at Paseo de Santa Rosa. Why Paseo? Maiba lang! But not really. Haha. We just chose to adjust to our friends, whose majority reside in Laguna. That's the nearer, possible, maiba-lang location we can spend the afternoon for a lunch. Justifying "maiba lang!" - it's because our usual hang-out sessions happen, if not in the eskenita of Purok 1, Asia, you'll find us at the empty, dusty garage in front of Peter Rose’s, a small Day Care owned by Yohh's Grandma. We're normally just okay with that since HS was a series of overnight-tambay-sessions-on-a-pavement. We like it like that. So there!

We were supposed to meet at approximately 11:30 am in Paseo. Filipino time that is, we found ourselves in complete headcount around 1:30 pm. Imagine the growling tummys and inner monologues! 

Our thoughts and experience in Big 30:

It’s a small pizza parlor that is known for their 30 inches size pizza. We ordered in party cut one 30-inch, 3 flavored pizza : Bernaise, Big30 Supreme, and Chicken Supreme.

30 inch, 3 flavored size Pizza
Dough is soft and thin so you can binge on 4-5 slices without getting too full.
Bernaise is the best flavor. There’s something distinct about it.
Big30 Supreme and Chicken Supreme were just okay.
Price is P1398.00 - Acceptable for an enormous pizza like this with 14 people sharing, plus it isn't bad at all taste wise.

The store is transparent when it comes to how they prepare the star of the meal. On one corner of the dining area (probably an exposed extension of their kitchen), there's a cubicle covered with glass walls where you can see the some of the crews as they charm their customers with their pizza making SKILLLLSSSS! Very nice marketing strategy right there! *wink!*

Carbonara Spaghetti (Small)–Fettucini pasta with white sauce, topped with bacon, mushroom, and parmesan cheese. This is just an ordinary Carbonara recipe with 2 slices of bread. 
Good for 1
Price is P128.00

Seafood Spaghetti (Medium) – Spaghetti pasta in red sauce topped with shrimps and parmesan cheese. This is just okay apart from I think it only had 3 pieces of shrimps. Oh yeah, just three. A piece for each of us that shared the plate. 
Good for 3-5 sharing
Price is P298.00

Meatball Spaghetti (Medium) – Spaghetti pasta in red sauce topped with Meatballs and cheese. 
Note: Meatballs are too soft that they easily crack. Using a spoon is better.
Good for 3-5 sharing
Price is P268.00

1 Tower of Lemon Iced TeaNote: Too sweet that you have to wait for the ice to melt, or you can mix with water.
Good for 8 pax
Price is P198.00 

1 Tower of Pineapple Juice - Note: This is too sweet too but you can mix it with your desired amount of water.
Good for 8 pax
Price is P198.00 

And we also ordered two more from the menu and their pictures are missing. Sorry about that!

Burger Steak with Rice 
Price is P128.00

Country French Fries with Dip
Tasted like homemade fries cut into bigger/fatter slices compared to McDonald’s. 
Good for sharing 
Price is P68.00

Viola with the Pizza! :)
Ching, Yves (the baby!), Mhadz (the birthday celebrant), Abby, Arvin, Myl, Tah, Panget, Mie, Pogi, Lab, Asshet, Con, Ram, Yohh and Glenn

Okay, so we're rating it. Here we go!
Food: 3/5
Place: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5

The experience wasn't overwhelming. If not for the excitement of seeing each other and being almost complete after yearssss and updating everyone with the who-what-where-when-and-how’s of our lives, we would have not enjoyed the whole thing. Or we could've focused on the food more if we weren't just so excited about each other? Hahahahah. Also I won't forget the server's attitude as she makes face while taking our order. I give her that we are too much of a riot to deal with at the time, but good customer service definitely makes wonders! Good thing we were later presented by a better crew. The tip is yours, Man!

Apology for the blandness of this entry and if we are lacking words to describe the foods in detail. All we can say is that they’re average and we don’t want you to drown with the passive “just ok” comment. :)

Happy Anniversary TAT!

Happy Birthday Mhadz!

Budget per pax: P250-300
**We are 15 that ate here***

Big 30 Pizza and Pasta
Paseo 2 Unit 3B,4B,5B
Greenfield City,
Paseo de Sta Rosa, Sta Rosa City Laguna. 

Love Always,
Wandering Venus

***Photo Credits: Ramil Baldoz***


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