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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BICOL: Caramoan-Naga Trip Itinerary and Budget

And so we just had a wonderful time in Bicol for 3 nights and 4 days. Below is the sample itinerary and budget breakdown for your reference. :)

Peak: Shrine Of Our Lady Of The Most Holy Rosary

The night of the travel:
1930 ETD from Manila via Raymund bus line

Day 1
0600 ETA Sabang Port/ Breakfast
0800 ETD via boat to Guijalo Port
0930 ETA Guijalo Port to West Peninsula Villas
1015 ETA West Peninsula Villas/Check in
        Rest/Refresh/Eat Lunch
1215 Off to Bical port
1245 Touchdown Bical port
        Start of Island hopping: Lajos island, Matukad Island, Cagbanilad Island
1315 Off to Paniman
1330 ETA Paniman/BBQ session with Atsara in replacement to suka
1700 Back to West Pen. Villas
1800 ETA West Pen. Villas
        Shower/Chill at the pool/Dinner etc.
***Lights Off***

Day 2
0600 Wakeup Call
0630 Breakfast
0730 ETD to Bical port
0800 ETA Bical port/rent goggles/buy other necessities (if there's any)
0826 Off to Shrine Of Our Lady Of The Most Holy Rosary via Brgy. Tabgon
1030 Back at the Boat to Manlawe Island
1145 ETA Manlawe Island
        Lunch on a floating cottage/Photo ops at sand bar
1300 Off to Bugtong Island for a few minutes of swimming
1325 ETD to Cotivas Island
1340 ETA Cotivas Island
1432 ETD to Sabitang Laya
1515 ETA Sabitang Laya
1528 ETD to snorkeling site
1535 Touch down snorkeling site
1632 ETD to Bical port
1700 ETA Bical port (waited for the van)
1721 Off to West Pen. Villas
1800 Arrival at West Pen. Villas
        Chill at the pool/Shower/Dinner etc.
***Lights Off***

Day 3
0600 Wakeup Call
0700 Breakfast
0730 Off to old town church/photo ops/souvenir shopping at town proper
0830 ETD to Guijalo port
0900 ETA Guijalo port/departure to Sabang Port at Naga
1111 ETA Sabang port
1130 Off to CWC Dropping point (Highway) 
1236 Tric to CWC Facility
1246 Touchdown CWC
1700 Off to SM Naga
1720 ETA SM Naga
        Souvenir hunting/buying
1930 Check in at Moraville Hotel
2100 Lights off

Day 4
0600 Wakeup call
0630 Breakfast
0900 The boys went back to CWC to wake board while the girls were left in the hotel to chill
1345 Boys' ETA at the Hotel
        Packing to leave
1415 Off to Naga airport via hotel service van
1445 Touchdown Naga Airport
1700 Boarding time
1715 Departure via PAL Express (Flight 264)
1810 ETA Manila

The above information were taken down during the event (disclaimer: we can't be too accurate), though that's basically it. :) Also before we came up with the agenda, we tried to search for sample ITs online as guide. 

Sand Bar at Manlawe Island

Php per head
Bus fare from Manila to Naga (Raymund Bus Line)
Breakfast at Sabang Port
Boat fare from Sabang Port to Guijalo
2 nights accommodation at West Peninsula Villas (Inclusive of Island Hopping courtesy of the hotel for 2 days, hotel accommodation and transfers)
Food allowance in West Pen for 2 days
Tip for the two bangkeros           
Tip for the main bangkero who did all the assisting w/n our 2 day tour
Goggle Rentals
Floating Cottage Rental at Manlawe Island =250php 
Buko (just so you know)
Terminal Fee at Guijalo Port going to Sabang Port
Boat fare from Guijalo Port to Sabang Port
Manmade floating bridge to reach the shore
Van fare from Sabang Port to CWC Main Road
Tricycle fare to CWC facility
Lunch at CWC restaurant
CWC Hourly rate for Wake Boarding (inclusive of head gear, board and life vest)
Tricycle fare from CWC facility back to CWC Main Road
Jeepney fare from CWC Main Road to SM Naga
Dinner at SM Naga
Tricycle fare from SM Naga to Moraville Hotel at Dinaga St.
Hotel Accomodation for 1 night w/ complimentary breakfast (in buffet) and service van transfer from hotel to Naga Airport
Terminal Fee at Naga Airport
Airfare from Naga to Manila via PAL Express
Total: 6,326php per pax 

The total amount per head stated above includes what we think are the major expenses you need to put in your budget list. Just bring some extra in your pocket in case of emergency or if there'll be other activities you'll insert in between your planned agendas. :)

West Peninsula Villas

Caramoan's Oldest Church

More ♥,
Wandering Venus


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